Flat Rate 24x7, 365 DaYs Server Support:

BNX Networks Engineer will make sure your Server has the industry verified working Security tools to protect it against Cyber attacks and it is not in the risk of any short term crash.
We will configure, setup and maintain the server. We will generate Server health report using a one time run of BNX Networks proprietary software µhscan. Flat rate plan supports up to 2 servers.
If you are looking for more than 2 servers support plan, Request a Quote. Our 24x7x365 server support plan comes with the following features:

Features Standard Advanced
Guranteed Response Time 1 hour 30 minutes
24x7 Remote Emergency Support yes yes
Server health (processor load, memory, backup etc)
using BNX oprietary Software µhscan
yes yes
Online Issue Logging and Free Quick Issue Assessment  yes yes
Software and Data Security loophole Check   yes yes
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Management yes yes
Monthly Scheduled On-Site Support

1 hour

1.5 hours

Server Log monitoring and analysis yes yes
Connected devices security analysis  yes yes
Server Patch Management yes yes
Multi-label user access implementation and
Security Administration
yes yes
Hard Drive extension, NAS or parts installation yes yes
File Sharing Permission Administration  yes yes
Unlimited Remote and Phone Support
for All Applications
yes yes
Upgrades, patch, installation  for all application 5% discount 10% discount
Install Server OS and Configure 5% discount 10% discount
Data Backup, Data Transfer and Crash Data Recovery 5% discount 10% discount
Hard drive imaging/reimaging

 5% discount

  10% discount

OS Upgrade Labor 5% discount 10% discount
Number of Server Supported



Single Monthly Cost $149 $249