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BNX Networks Proprietary Software:

BNX Networks Engineers developed a device (Computer, Server etc.) health and state check software (µhscan) to identify immediate and near future risks and vulnerabilities of the device. It will generate a details report of the device for further analysis. This software is executed only once or as needed for the device. It will NOT be continuously running to save processor power and memory of the device. Currently, the software is available only for our customers.

Commercial Products:

Most of the ready-made commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system has sometimes cheaper hardware or lot of unnecessary software that is not useful for efficient business operation. We will provide you free consultancy to determine what you need (Hardware, Software, System etc.) and will provide you a budget friendly quote targeting for your long term business use.

We CUSTOM BUILD the system with your preferred manufacturer for your business. You can order a part, Computer, Server, switch, Firewall etc. or a complete system. Your system will be shipped directly from manufacturer to your business. Once system is arrived in your office, our Engineers will go in person to setup and configure the new system or upgrade from legacy system to the latest system.

We troubleshoot any issue during upgrade and make sure system is SECURED from CYBER ATTACKS. We delivered many systems and earned a very happy long term customer group.

Some the many products we offer are: