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Erica Avid Dental

Schamim is a great tech to work with! Our office is not of client of theirs (yet) but needed to work with them because of another "location that was once affiliated switched to them and we came across some IT obstacles along the way. Schamim LISTENED to what the problem was and wis resolved in one hour. The same problem we have been dealing with for over a month. Thank you Schamim. You are awesome!!!

Anna Rutkowska

"I am delighted to recommend BNX Networks for Server Replacement and Custom business software. They are prompt, efficient and always available. They replaced our Server, transferred all our 3D X-ray and patient data very securely, efficiently and smoothly. We are their client for last 5 years. We never had a second thought - they are the best 24x7 IT support."

Gisselle Escareno

BNX Networks is a reliable and expert IT Service. They replaced our Server at Avid Dental and fixed so many issues. We highly recommend them.

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