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BNX Networks does software testing for any industry including Wireless telecom, Public safety Telecom, Smart Phone, Applications, User Interfaces, Embedded, Avionics and others. We have decades of software testing experience.

We write testcases, execute test cases to Validate and Verify (SV&V) the Software. BNX Networks review and write QA/QC processes. We check software SECURITY for any software. We submit overall software quality reports.

You can send Software to BNX Networks Lab or our expert can go to your site for testing. We do software Testing based on short term or long term contracts or case by case basis regardless of the size of the project.

Software Validation and Verification (SV&V)

Software Quality Assurance(QA) and Quality Control (QC)

Smartphone Testing

  • We validate and verify software functionalities
  • We write and execute test cases.
  • We identify gap between customer requirements and implementation.
  • We do software security analysis.
  • We Identify defects and root cause scenario.
  • We submit overall report.

  • We review and analyse Software QA/QC.
  • We submit overall report.
  • We have many years experience of Smart Phone Testing.
  • We write Test cases, Execute them, Identify defects and publish report.
  • We conduct Smart Phone Testing in BNX Networks Lab.

Test Examples:

  • Carrier Validation Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • PRI Testing
  • Apps Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • WiFi Testing
  • Data Throughput Testing
  • Blitz Testing